Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Today is Brought to You By the Letter "H"

So a few months ago I shared a post about my themed decorating and today's post is more about that!

When I started visiting Lincoln, Nebraska with my husband for Thanksgiving I noticed that many houses had big "N's" decorated on their front doors. (If you weren't aware, Nebraskan's are avid Cornhusker fans...) When we took our road trip from Anchorage to Oklahoma City we drove through Nebraska and I again noticed the front door decor and was inspired. This was of course, partially due to the fact that we now owned our own home, with a screen door, and also that I love a little creative-ownership - NOT to mention a newfound relationship with a store called Hobby Lobby.

When I got busy unpacking all the stuff we brought with us when we moved I realized I had a lot of "old" hobbies and all their supplies that I didn't actively participate in anymore - and all that stuff took up a LOT of our space. Now, when you see this project you'll laugh at the fact that I had hoped to make a dent in all the excess supplies, because, well I didn't. 10 pieces of scrapbook paper don't take up a whole lot of space! But that's okay - because I really love the end result and it caused me to look through all the supplies I have and use them creatively!

Alright - so I adapted the "N" that I had seen all over Nebraska for an "H" to represent Hopkins. And to go along with themed decorating I modge podged at least 5 different "H's"!

Layer your wood letter with a thin coat of Modge Podge

Carefully place craft paper on top of Modge Podge and press air bubble out

Lay flat to dry (yes, wet paper down, helps keep the bubble out)

Learn from my mistake; trim excess AFTER Modge Podge has dried ;)

Fill in any uncovered areas with your extra scrap pieces

The first one was obviously the trial =) I discovered that the more modge podge to apply the more wrinkly the paper will get... My 12 x12 pages of scrapbook papers were too short, but if I cut carefully I could cover the bottoms tastefully with scraps. AND wait until the podge is dry before you try to trim or your edges get really nasty (cutting wet paper - wasn't my best moment - ha). Also, hot glue did not work at attaching and keeping attached the ribbon I used to hang my "H's" on the front door. But tacky craft glue did the job!

I don't have all my "H's" finished - but I do have a good # of them so I'll share those with you now and update the photos as I complete the others!

Here's my tribute to our Nebraska Football pride =) Notice that some of the
decor for the other side of the "H" is visible. I need to go back and do velcro
so that it isn't so tacky =)

As I mentioned above, I'm going to go back and add velcro to the "Fall" and
pumpkin so that they can be removed when this side is not showing. 

I mirrored the text for Christmas and Winter so that I don't need to worry
about velcro.

Turns out, my artistic photo taking is not really attractive, haha

We love monkeys <3

Not my favorite... but I worked with what I had =)

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