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Life With My Littles Guest Post

Today I'm sharing a guest post with you! My friend at  Life With My Littles used some of dōTERRA's  oils for her home birth and this is the post that I am sharing on her blog soon (she will have one up soon too! STAY TUNED!) 

What are essential oils?
Essential oils are plant compounds that are found in flowers, roots, seeds, bark, and stems. These products are all natural, aromatic and have their own specific compound make-up (e.x. there are different varieties of lavender and though they may be similar, their specific compounds give them their specific therapeutic and medicinal properties - not all oils are equal! But I will touch on that in the next section). Essential oils are fat-soluble, not water-soluble, but they do not contain fatty acids or lipids the way vegetable and animal oils do. Because of their special chemical make-up they can be used aromatically, topically (some oils are hot and should be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive so as to not cause skin irritation) and as dietary aids. 
An easy way to think of essential oils is to picture peeling or zesting an lemon- can you see and smell the essence? That is the lemon's essential oil! It is different from the juice that we get from the fruit.  Lemon is my favorite for cleaning and I enjoy putting it in my water to help my system detox. Did you know that lemon essential oil is more potent and has no acid compared to putting slices of lemon into your drinking water?
Every oil has a handful of suggested uses and sometimes they work differently for different people. They have a special way of interacting with our cells in every body system and it is amazing to experience them at work. 

What is dōTERRA?
The company was started in 2008 and will be celebrating its 5th birthday in AprildōTERRA is a Latin word meaning "Gift of the Earth" and they represents the safest and purest essential oils available in the world today. 
The CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® mark represents dōTERRA's commitment to us that their oils are of the highest quality, potency, and purity. This is ensured in a number of ways. First, dōTERRA's oils are sourced from their native habitats. They are grown by knowledgeable farmers who are learned in the conditions that make for correct harvesting. Then, proper methods of distillation are followed so that the correct compounds are extracted. And lastly, each and every bottle is tested by a 3rd party to make sure the correct compounds in the correct quantities are present and that there are no artificial ingredients, pesticides, fillers or any other contaminates. 
As I mentioned before, not all oils are the same. Although they may be 100% pure they may not be the correct specie for a certain medicinal purpose, the wrong part of the plant may have been harvested which would cause different compounds to be extracted (essential oils are extremely volatile and little things like air pressure and amount of due are extremely influential).

How Do I Try These Products?
dōTERRA's CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils are distributed through Independent Product Consultants. There are 3 main ways to access the oils; 
1) Order through an IPC's website and purchase products at retail prices. 
2) Enroll as a preferred member and get 20% off your purchases (do you own a business that could incorporate essential oils either in other products you sell or as a specific item? IPC's can get great percentages back by enrolling their business as a PM.) 
3) Enroll as an Independent Product Consultant (IPC) and purchase all your products at 25% off retail prices. There are no monthly minimums! (If you would like the opportunity to build a business, get free products, and/or earn rewards then ask me about dōTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program!)

My dōTERRA Story!
To make a long story short (thanks for taking the time to check out all my information! I know that time is very valuable and it's an honor to share this time with you!) I enrolled as an IPC in November of 2012. A very dear friend of mine had just gotten started with dōTERRA and her world was being dramatically changed (she will be sharing her story on my blog very soon, so stay tuned!)
I had been battling a cold over Thanksgiving that just would not let go and decided to give the oils a go. Now I have to interject real quick here that the oils work instantly for some people and some situations and others must practice consistency before they experience results. 
Consistency ended up being the key for me in this situation. I think I knew the oils would work but I expected them to work instantly and so I almost gave up when they didn't fix-me-up with one application.  
At first I think I was more excited about being empowered and in control of my health care than the fact that the oils actually worked. I liked the idea of having an all natural product that could help heal my body instead of the only option being OCT products or something only a Dr. could prescribe. 
I have slowly become addicted to the oils; to point that I am afraid I will be annoying... I toss out the phrase "I have an oil for that!" into just about every conversation I have - it seriously takes a lot of self control to not bombard every person I come in contact with. My husband is about ready to start referring to me as a "crazy oil lady". =)
But it is SO exciting to have a product that can soothe and relax a sore body that was just in a car accident with a single drop of oil! The oils work quickly and have no side effects. They are safe for men and women, adults and children, and even our pets! 

I would love to get some of dōTERRA's essential oils into your hands! And I have a few options for you to choose from in order to make that happen. 

1) If you're not quite sold on the idea of essential oils but you're willing to give them a try, message me on FaceBook, comment here or on my blog or send me an email and I will send you up to 3 different samples. 
2) I am doing a limited time offer for those who would like to order oils but not enroll with dōTERRA- from now until "new baby little" is 1 month old (she was born Sunday April 14th! so this special will run until Tuesday May 14th), use the code word "Littles" via FaceBook, Blog, or email and I will send you the oils you would like at 25% off!
3) If you are interested in enrolling as an IPC with dōTERRA and would like information about the Loyalty Rewards Program please contact me! Anyone who enrolls with an enrollment kit and sets up a Loyalty Rewards order of 100pv will get the Modern Essentials book (the oil lover's Bible) for FREE!

Thanks for joining me! I look forward to your questions, comments and oil orders!
Happy Oiling! Amanda

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dōTERRA: www.mydoterra.com/delitefularomas
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