Saturday, March 31, 2007


It was the perfect start to the weekend- in an odd sort of way... The three of us tossed and turned all night in our sleep. Playing over events in our heads, going over the "to-do" lists, hurting physically and emotionally. But we made it to our couch with a pot of coffee. And there we sat for two hours.

We sat.
We laughed.
We talked.
We cried.
We listened.
We made plans.
We reminisced.
We drank coffee.
We freaked out.

And now Josh Grobin and Damien Rice are taking their turns on iTunes. There are cookies baking in the oven. There is homework spread all over my table. And I'm not sure where to start. I'd kinda like to get a huge stack of notebook paper and start writing. I'm not sure what I would say. How do you tell someone how much they mean to you? How do you convey that even though it's only been a week I can't imagine life without you? And how do you explain how deep an impression you've made on my life- in one semester?

There aren't words.
There isn't enough time to spend with you.
There will never be enough hugs.

I'll never get tired of movies together.
I'll never get tired of tea together.
I'll never get tired of coffee together.
I'll never get tired of slurpies together.
I'll never get tired of being together.

I'm not sure what it'll all look like in one month. But why dwell on that right? Again, I just remind myself to seize this last month, and make the best of it... now for those letters...

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me said...

i just wanted you to know that i love you.
i don't say it enough.