Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The sun just came out- as in it just burst through the clouds. Wow.
It’s been rainy since Sunday- gray clouds, a bit of a wind. Then all of the sudden there was sun and blue sky. So good.

My roommate has coined two special phrases, these are my definitions…
“Friendship crush”- you have a “friendship crush” on someone you’re not friends with but think they’d be incredible to have as a friend.
“Friendship love”- you are in “friendship love” with people that begin to touch and change your life in ways you didn’t think were possible.

These two phrases have been on my mind all week…
I’m not quite sure who I have friendship crushes on right now. But I know for sure who I am in friendship love with!
-my roommates; it’s true, Bethany and I are practically married… and Kierst- you’re not a little black rain cloud. You both challenge me to think outside my box, you provide wisdom in your speaking and in your silence and in your tears. You are both wise, and beautiful, and there are no words to express my excitement for our adventures in Alaska.
-Vermillion boys; we don’t know each other quite as well as the roommates do… but that’s ok, our time will come I feel. And until then I’m just so thankful for your presence and your questions and your banter and our shared homes and shared food.
-Tyrel and Lucas; silly movies, stories, sleep-overs, lots of ice cream, lots of popcorn, back-rubs, walks, laughter, Scarlet… This Spring Break has been good for our friendship! Ty- thanks for always checkin’ up on me. Luc- thanks for walking me home.

So yes Bethany- I am in love... in love with these precious people that we get to share life with. And I'm also in love with Cilantro Lime Chips and Homemade Salsa on a sunny day during Spring Break. And now I must get back to the homework... eak!


kitten said...

i love you amanda! i'm so happy we are friends -- thank you for sharing your kind heart!

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