Friday, January 18, 2008

Ode to High School.

We’re sitting in yearbook – a favorite class of mine, just the right amount of stress and rewards. The girls are talking about mission trips to Guatemala, homecoming dresses, adoptions, getting married, college, being inspired by parents, and other religions.

We’ve been searching through the yearbooks from years past. I loved high school and it has really been fun to be back here. I’ve always said I want to teach here one day, be my brother’s teacher. I’ve been his sub, guess that sort of counts.

I think I’ve made up my mind. But I’m still praying - it’s hard for me to trust that I’ll be making the right decision. I’d like to say that I trust God, but I don’t think I trust myself. And when I don’t have any idea what He’s telling me to do . . . well, I just don’t trust myself to make the right decision. I think I need to remember that this decision is ultimately about what I need; not about what my principal needs, what my friends here or there want, etc. Right? Or is that just selfish? I think I think too much sometimes. Gees.


Whitney said...

My love, My Darling, Light of my life, as much as I want you to do what you know I want you to do, you need to do what you want to do. That's not being selfish, it's living your life. Do what is going to make you happy, don't let people down here or up there make your decision for you. And as much as if would suck, I would still love and support you if you decided to stay... People are much more understanding and forgiving that we often give them credit for and in the long run, We'll be happy cause your happy.


ryanmortinson said...

take care of what's eternal. choose the path that will continue to grow you spiritually and bring you closer to God. That will always be the right choice.