Friday, January 18, 2008

Today was pretty adventuresome!

Brandon, Jonathon and I were in the car on the way to the airport to get Brittany. Her and Jeremy are here for the weekend because Brittany and Brandon's dad is in the hospital. We're driving down Minnesota (one of our highways) and a truck a couple cars ahead of us does a little donut and ends up in the ditch on the right. Everyone is slowing down (duh) and I try to get over to the left lane to get out of the way, and I hit the ice (oh, just a little info... patches of our highways are done in different paving material to test out how it stands up to the elements - this happened be such a patch! Considering the number of people in the ditch today, they might want a new material on the road). So my car's going to the left then we spin to the right, the tires aren't catching so brakes are pointless. I'm spinning the tires one way and Brandon's yelling for me to spin the other way on and on as we slide from one side of the road to the other. For all of this we're pretty much heading North on Minnesota, then all of the sudden we're facing South and sliding into the huge snow median separating the North and South bound traffic. A wall of snow up to the car windows finally brings us to a stop. That's probably about when I started breathing again, then I laughed and said 'shit.'

This was about halfway out. Fortunately Dad has a sweet crew-cab and came to my rescue. He wasn't sure that he could get me out without the help of a tow-truck, but he did it all by himself! He's my hero! And thankfully we weren't going very fast down the road or we would have surely flipped the car.

There's the "median." =) It's pretty hard to see how deep the snow actually is, but it was up to the windows on the car.

What a long day! After Dad got me out with met up with everyone at the hospital and visited with Alan for a while. If you'd be praying for him, he's in really serious condition. He has a few blood clots from his leg (started from a skiing injury) that have moved up into his lungs. The clots are trying to move through membrane and organ lining which is incredibly painful. The medication that the doctors have him on isn't really helping to thin his blood, dissipate the clots, or ease his pain. If the clots a) puncture a lung = bad news b) reach his heart = super bad news (burst artery - death) or c) reach his brain = stroke . . .
None of us have been sleeping well. High charged emotions wear the body and mind out too. Please pray for rest, safety, and health. Thanks!

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