Sunday, September 28, 2008

I wish my mind, my heart, could be wrapped around the fact that I am comfortable where I am.
Not so comfortable that I want to be single the rest of my life. Not so comfortable that I don't want God to shake things up. Not so comfortable that I want to stay here forever.
But comfortable in that I love school (even on the days I gripe and complain), I love my roommates (even when they keep me up until 4am playing loud music and eating my food out of the freezer), I love Oregon (even though it's 2500 miles away from where I know my heart really is).
And obviously something isn't connecting from my brain to my heart because I keep doing and saying stupid things to mess up the nice "balance." And why is it that I only recognize that when I'm frustrated with the little things in life? Why is it so hard to look at the big picture? And why is it sometimes so overwhelming to look at the big picture? How do I figure out that balance? *sigh*

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Whitney said...

Sorry about the music... I was asleep by then. And the food. I didn't witness that either. Sorry babe.

Oh and I love you too.

Oh and 715Foothills 4eva!

Oh and.... that's it. ;)