Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sometimes all we can do is just let go. I don't have to understand it all right now, or have it all make sense, I just need to be in the moment, enjoy it for what it is. It will make sense a little at a time ~ it's too overwhelming all at once.
The sky is a crisp bright blue ~ but the dark clouds are rolling in. Fall is in the air, I can feel its inviting chill win over the fighting rays of the sun.
Sometimes in the midst of chaos you do have to run away. I found a new place to run to, Sherwood Coffee Company. I can only stay until 5, but that hour and a half after school and tall green tea is exactly what I need for refreshment. My students encouraged me these last couple days. There were hugs and "we missed you!" and giggles and being called "Ms. Pumpkin" (I still can't figure out where that came from!) and friends, thanks for being there.
Never underestimate the healing power of hugs and caffeine and a simple hello. And a word from the stubborn ~ don't keep trying to do it alone. You may eventually get the job done, but it isn't a pleasant journey for anyone.

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alicat said...

i'm glad you found a little refuge in the midst of such chaos.

and maybe the pumpkin nickname came from a) the season we are entering and b) the fact that your last name also has "mpkins" sounding ending =) but either way-that's super cute!