Thursday, May 06, 2010

To stay or to not stay, this has been the question.

And today we decided... that we need to make a decision... =)

Let me back up a little =)

Ryan is an Enlisted Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. He's decided that he wants to separate from the Military, join an ROTC program, and then re-join the Air Force as an Officer after he's completed the schooling for his bachelors degree. For a hundred reasons, that I won't go into now, this is the best choice for us in the long run.

Scenario One...
About the time that Ryan started really considering this option I got an email from a friend who has been teaching in Clackamas for longer than I've been alive, letting me know that she is retiring and asking if I would like her position. Uhm YES! Middle school Family and Consumer Science - DREAM JOB people!
But alas, we're getting married in June, Ryan is getting deployed in September, we're going on a cruise in January, we want to buy a house, we want to settle, we hate moving... so many factors! But, we could make it work - he'll be gone anyway, so living and teaching in Oregon would be ok, then we'd be together for a few weeks when he got back, there would be Spring Break shortly after, then he could move when his last year ended and go to school in Portland. Problems solved. We'll be more "centrally" located which makes visiting family and friends easier too.

Scenario Two...
Two positions open in Anchorage; Private school, middle school science. Public school, high school FACS. Both have benefits packages, and a decent enough paycheck to get us through when Ryan is out of the military (somehow they will still pay for our housing...) We could go through with purchasing a house, have our family close if God blesses us with babies earlier than we're planning, we wouldn't have to live apart, we can still get our PFD's, Ryan can go to UAA, and I'll have at least 1 aspect of my dream job.

So we're praying. We're waiting. We're wondering what's the best option for us as a couple now. Does anyone have any input? We could sure use some counsel in this and would love to know your opinions!

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