Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Oh dear. It's been a while. Yikes!

So, all our plans seem to continually change, which is fine, makes for more of an adventure! We're staying in Alaska until May of 2012. Not sure yet what will happen after that =)

I don't have a full time teaching job this year - but all in all that change has been very good for us. I'm still working almost full time at the golf course (been there since last summer) but our season should be ending soon since the snow can't be that far away. I'm taking 2 classes this fall so that I can get my Alaska teaching license and in the meantime I plan to sub for the school district. I am looking forward to the flexibility that will offer me.
Ryan leaves soon for the Middle East - he should be back in February sometime. Will be a long winter for sure. But, I'll be taking classes, and working, and getting ready for baby!

Yep, we're expecting! Sometime in April Baby Hopkins will join us! So far, the journey has been miserable. "Morning" sickness... my toilet... I feel sick ALL day! Thank you Jesus for Zofran. Makes me feel decent and doesn't hurt Ziggy (Ryan's stuck on the whole "zygote" stage... so, baby has a nickname). I am continually reminded that it's all for a good cause. Common 2nd trimester - you're only 3 weeks away!

Alright, bathroom calls. More to come later =)

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Whitney said...

I am still in complete shock. You're having a baby. YOU'RE HAVING A BABY!

Can't wait to see the adventures this little one brings along. ;)

PS. While I'm still pushing for Whitney Dawn/Don Win, ziggy is incredibly adorable and with definitely suffice for the time being. ;)

Love you, roommate!