Sunday, September 12, 2010

I remember in middle school when Janelle and I planned our futures - you know, married by 20ish, done having kids at 25 etc. etc. *sigh* Guess our timing was a little off! =)

Oh heaven on earth - Kraft Macaroni - bless you dear roommate for leaving a few boxes in the garage - it tastes amazing, it even smells good!

Sorry, I was distracted =) But thinking about our past plans makes me smile. I miss those days a little - back when nothing could shatter our hopes and dreams - when anything we wanted we believed we could have. Maybe we were a little naive - but we dreamed big. Now that we have the freedom to do what we dreamed of, we have the understanding that we have to be more responsible. And I guess sometimes these two realities clash. And at those intersections - dream new dreams.

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